Childrens Theatre Workshop

Childrens Theatre Workshop

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December 9, 2013 | Comments Off

Traffic Advisory

Be aware that northbound Collingwood Avenue will be closed between Bancroft and Ashland. Please be prepared to take an alternative route when attending this weekend’s production of Mulan Jr.

If you are coming from the I-75, taking the Bancroft exit:

  • Turn left onto Bancroft once you exit.
  • Turn left onto Parkwood Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Delaware.
  • Turn right into the Collingwood Arts Center.

If you are coming from downtown Toledo, Ashland Avenue will still dead end into Collingwood Avenue, and has access to the Collingwood Arts Center. Southbound Collingwood Avenue also has access to the building.

If you find you have questions, please call our office at 419-244-5061.



The CTW Experience

Children’s Theatre Workshop (“CTW”) offers a number of special programs in acting classes and live theatrical experiences for youth ages 5 to 18. CTW’s informal, classroom-based structure promotes self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. All enrolled students are eligible to audition in plays that are put on for live school and public audiences at the end of the class semester in the fall and spring.

Class work includes theatre games, improvisation exercises, characterization techniques, and public speaking lessons. CTW emphasizes building your child’s self esteem, creativity, teamwork, and speech skills. CTW provides students with live theatre experience – as much or as little as they want – so that they can explore the world of theatre arts.

There are two levels of CTW programs: The Main Company and The Teen Company. Full theatrical productions are a part of each program experience. CTW also offers a musical theatre program, and specialized classes like auditioning techniques and technical theatre, and summer theatre camps. Both Main Company and Teen Company have a Fall and Spring Semester of classes that culminates in auditions, rehearsals, and a public play performance.